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  5. "Ele ouve você."

"Ele ouve você."

Translation:He hears you.

November 18, 2014



Hi, any advice on when i should use ouvir and escoutar? In English "I hear a noise" and "I listen to music"...


Very generally: "ouvir" - "to hear" and "escutar" - "to listen".

There might be some slight changes, but basically that's it. In this sentence "Ele ouve você" means something like "he hears you saying something/ your voice", phisycally, so to speak, but if it were "Ele escuta você" it would mean "He listens to you", as "he pays attention to what you're saying".


Olá! Is você the only instance where the subject-verb-object positioning (word order) is SOV like English? Do we say 'ele me ouve' or 'ele ouve eu'? Or is both correct (so is 'ele você ouve')?


You can say "ele me ouve" (more usual) or "ele ouve-me"

"Você", as an object pronoun, should always be placed after the verb


Does ouvir stand for both listen amd hear?

  • hear = ouvir
  • listen = escutar

[deactivated user]

    Is "Ele ouve te" also correct?


    "Ele ouve-te" is used in Portugal.

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