"Jag tycker om kaffe med kanel."

Translation:I like coffee with cinnamon.

November 18, 2014

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Kanel is not pronounced like that, just so you guys know.


PS there's also a more general problem here: the combination "tycker om" when it means "like" needs to have a strong stress on "om". We can't disable those everywhere because there are too many of them. So this sentence should be like Jag tycker OM kaffe med kanEL.


You're right! We've disabled the sound for sentences like this, but at the moment, it seems that they are still read out loud. The word "kanel" should have the stress on the second syllable.


just curious since kanel seems to have been fixed— is the stress on "om" acceptable in the new and improved TTS for this sentence?


Yes, the phrasal verb "tycka om" is stressed on om.


That's a very true sentence. Seriously, what's with the obsession of Swedes with cinnamon?


In Spanish, the word is "canela". This is a help for me here. :)


Do the Swedes have cinnamon in their coffee which is what the English translation implies or do they have cinnamon buns with their coffee.


This sentence definitely means someone's put cinnamon in their coffee. But it's not very typical of Sweden - just a random sentence. :)

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