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"Jag vill ha lagom mycket kaffe."

Translation:I want just the right amount of coffee.

November 18, 2014



i think any attempt to translate lagom in english is otiose


You can say that again. (:


That about gave me an aneurysm trying to figure out. "I want [a lot of] [just the right amount of] coffee." Okayyyyy. I wasn't sure if lagom can mean... something other than quantity? Like, "The salsa was lagom, not too spicy, not too bland"- something like that? Then I could see the above meaning "I want a lot of just the right blend (or to that effect) of coffee." That had me stuck for a while.


Here, mycket rather means amount that a lot. English can do this as well, as in "how much sugar do you want?" not having to mean that you want a lot of sugar in your coffee.


Ah, got it. Sometimes the sentence structure also will throw me. Just seeing lagom and mycket side by side... it takes a little time to reprocess what the intent is.


what is the purpose of mycket?


"Lagom mycket" or "lagom mängd" means "right amount". And I'm pretty sure they're interchangeable.


Yeah, except one can be translated to english!


mycket can be translated as a lot, much, or very. Lagom, we, can't exactly translate that directly to English.


Why is "I want coffee in moderation" not accepted?


I wrote " I want to have the right amount of coffee" and it was marked incorrect. Why?


How would barista know what amount of coffee is "lagom mycket" for me? (not expecting an answer).

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