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  5. My gold is gone!


My gold is gone!

I have practices and iti says I am strong, but I don't have the gold color on my tree. I have all 4 of the gold strengths, but the outside color of my "Basic" lessons are red now and not gold. What happened?

July 3, 2013



Happened to me as well, are you using IE?


Switch to firefox and check ;D


Hi! It looks like you do have full word strength for all of your basic skills (Spanish and French). Let me know more specifics! I'm going to move this thread to the 'troubleshooting' discussion :D


When my tree is showing, it does show that I have full word strength, and I don't suppose this really makes a difference, but instead of the Basics box being gold, it is red. Some of the others are green or blue, like the colors they are when I am down a bar or two and need to practice. Thank you for being so responsive. You guys do a great job. Duolingo is a really fun and satisfying way to improve my French.


I got new pictures today on my tree and all the verb lessons are one color and all the nouns are a different color. I guess the graphics were changing. All is well.

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