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  5. "Ursäkta, god natt!"

"Ursäkta, god natt!"

Translation:I am sorry, good night!

November 18, 2014



Grammatically this makes sense, but it doesn't seem to be a very useful sentence in everyday life.


A better translation is "Excuse me, good night" like when leaving the dinner table.


Maybe a date that didn't go well, and the natural awkwardness that follows it? "So you, do you want to go out again?" "Hmm... no. I am sorry, good night" Just thinking out loud!


This sounds like it's missing a few word in the middle. Wouldnt you say "Excuse me, I am going to bed, good night!"? If you where at dinner and just stod up while saying "Excuse me, good night" and left the room it would be quite weird. Same in swedish, if you stand up and say "ursäkta, god natt" it would be very abrupt and quite antisocial. You would need to say "ursäkta, nu går jag och lägger mig, god natt!" to make it make sense in a social context.


"Thank you for the lovely dinner. I enjoyed myself, but I am tired. Excuse me, Good night."


If you are encountering someone on the street at a late hour that you just REALLY don't want to talk to (right now or in general), you can try and cut the conversation short by something like "I have to go. Excuse me, good night." Then again, by far not all phrases on here make sense.


You say it before you put down your friend who turned into a zombie.


The reason this sentence is a bit odd is that we have so few words to construct sentences out of at this point in the course, and every word has to have three sentences.


How about calling someone and they answer all sleepy because you called late and they're in bed!?

Not that I'm saying it's a valid translation case!


Yes, in that case it would be used - when disturbing somone and you quickly want to carry on and have that person going to go to sleep.


Yes, this sounds a bit unnatural


If you're a Swedish supervillain with good manners, this phrase may be useful.


I think it could be some situation like, you are talking to someone and your phone rings, you answer it and have to go away. Something like that.


It's usefel. You have a date and when I ask for a coffee at your place, you can say this :)


After injecting the paralyzing poison in your blood line he lays you into the bed so you can die in peace. The last sentemce you hear is "Ursäkta, god natt!"


does the combination of 'sä' make the 'sh' sound?


No, the letter combination RS does.


Sounds like a death threat...


Is there a difference between förlåt and ursäkta? I think literally, ursäkta is "sorry" and förlåt is "pardon", but I feel like I've heard förlåt used in both ways.


They're used interchangeably in practice in most cases. If you really want to say forgive (in a more serious sense), only förlåt works.


Is this more of an "Excuse me" or "I feel bad" kind of sorry?


Definitely more of "Excuse me".


why not "ursakta mig, god natt"? we can simply say ursakta?


Yes, it's more common to just say ursäkta.


How do you know if the person is saying I'm sorry" or "Excuse me"? In what context would someone use "ursäkta"?


Either works. :)


When I think of the word "ursakta" I think of it as meaning "excuse me." But, I see that it can also mean "I'm sorry." Isn't there another word for "sorry" or "I apologize?" And which word is the most common for saying "I'm sorry?"


I would say "Förlåt" is the moat common way to say "I am sorry".

When little children have hurt somone they are told to say "Förlåt" to the one who has been hurt.


I answered correctly but it says I didn't...check the answer and validate the use of contractions


We do allow "I'm" for "I am" if that's what you mean.


Why is it god natt and got morron? Both mean good, right?


Is there a difference between 'Ursäkta' and 'Förlåt' or are they interchangeable? Tack så mycket :)


Please see e.g. Arnautis reply to DeannaGariety.


Why not "excuse me"?

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