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"There are exactly one thousand people on the property."

Translation:Der er præcis et tusind mennesker på ejendommen.

November 18, 2014



Just wondering why "præcis" and not "præcist" here?


Same question here. It supposed to be præcisT, since it is exactLY, and not exact as in præcis. Could some Dane comment on this please?


Is anyone able to explain why personer is not acceptable in place of mennesker here?


Totally guessing here but I suspect it might be that folk is a collective noun in a sense, its meaning closer to 'a bunch of people' or people in the sens of "Italians are a quiet people" for instance. In which case it would be uncountable, similar to gents in French, gente in Italian, folk in english, etc.


This makes perfect sense to me! Of course, you could say "folks" in English ("there are a thousand folks here"), but the examples from latin languages make a lot of sense. It is also gente in Spanish as well. One would never say "hay tres gente" you would say "hay tres personas".



Why is 'folk' incorrect to use for people here


I get folk, but I thought person (er) was for countable people


I also don't understand why mennesker (humans) instead of folk for people.

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