"I like sports"

Translation:Jag tycker om sport

November 18, 2014

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Is it "sport" or "sporter"? On "I hate sports" then "sport" was wrong, but here "sporter" is wrong.

[deactivated user]

    'sporter' was right for me. Although I was wondering if 'idrott(er)' would also be an acceptable solution.


    'Jag gillar idrotter' is accepted. First time i wrote 'Jag tycker om idrotten' and it was incorrect (no typo displayed), but I think 'Jag tycker om idrotter' should be correct too.


    "I like sports"

    "Sports" here in English is plural.

    Jag tycker om sport.

    "Sport" here in Swedish is singular.

    The meaning of the Swedish word sport itself is plural?

    "Sports" in English become "sport" in Swedish translation?

    "Sports" is not sporter in Swedish ?

    Kan man sager på svenska: Jag tycker om sporter.? Jag gillar sporter.?

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