"God natt!"

Translation:Good night!

November 18, 2014

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This is easy to remeber God natt because it's so similar to good night!


Amazing analysis.


Thanks for the tip.


God afton= ] good evening God kväll =


There is something dreadfully wrong with the software here on this example. I've been repeating "god natt" properly until I pass out, and it's still not being accepted.


I'm glad I am not the only one having issues with this one. I think I passed it once and have failed it every time since. It's very frustrating.


I cannot get passed this one, because of 'natt' not being accepted. My Swedish sister in law and tried for me and still it fails! Very frustrating.


There are a few like that. Sometimes when you pause a couple of seconds before pronouncing the problem word, it gets accepted. I know you should not have to do that, but obviously there is a problem with the recognition software on some of these. And yes, it's frustrating.


Try just saying "natt". It hust worked for me after soooo long


Thanks for the tip. It finally accepted it.


Is there a preference or difference between "god natt" and "god kväll"?


God kväll = Good evening

God natt = Good night


when would one use for the former over the latter?


God kväll would be used from around 5-6 PM and forward, while God natt would strictly be used right before going to sleep.


what about god ikväll? i think i've heard my swedish friend say it once


"Ikväll" means "tonight". Therefore, saying "god ikväll" would be like saying "good tonight" :) Only "God kväll" would make sense.


@Jungla3 oh förlat, i've taken a break from swedish and i guess i started mixing things up ;-) tack!


I would say that 'god kväll' is not used so often in Swedish, in the evening people use 'hej' etc instead. 'God natt' is used like 'good bye before sleep'.


Is it just me or is 'god' pronounced 'good', with a 'oo' sound? Should it be like this?


As far as I'm aware, there are some words in Swedish, that have the short "oo" in the English word, that are pronounced like that ... for example "bok" (english "book").


Yes, it's correct.


I entered 'goodnight,' and it says that I missed a space. When the term is being used to wish someone a good night, it is not uncommon for it to be spelt as one word.


There are non-standard forms that are, as you rightly say, not uncommon - after all, only a computer would be rude enough to pick someone up for such a small thing, so as a native speaker, you would never be corrected once you had left school. The standard English form is with a space. :)


Untrue. Goodnight without a space is perfectly acceptable in British English, as the Oxford and other dictionaries will corroborate.


Agreed - it is perfectly acceptable. Dictionaries are no longer trying to arbitrate about "correct" and "incorrect" versions, but to record what is used: there is nothing intrinsically correct or logical about either version. There are people who will argue about "correctness" (https://jasondrexler.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/say-good-night-to-goodnight/), but I'm not one of them.

Oxford includes both forms; Cambridge only includes the form with the space. It is worth being aware that the form without the space is not yet accepted as standard by all authorities, but it is clearly gaining ground.


The audio (where you say the words) did not pick up my "natt", and I repeated it more than once in case my volume was low since it didn't move on as it usually does. :(


Same problem. They need to fix this.


I've tired probably 40 times and failed everytime. Even my Swedish fiancee says I'm saying as a native speaker would.


Dude I said it a jillion times and it's always wrong


Yes, there is something very wrong with their sound recognition algorithm on this one !!!!


Tried a ton of different ways of sayig Natt with different emphasis and it still doesnt recognise it :/


Yeah, their sound recognition is really screwed up on this one. It is doubtful that anyone is mispronouncing this ridiculously easy phrase to pronounce.


Does the pronunciation of "natt" resemble that of German as in "nacht"? I think heard a slight "c" but I'm not sure


No, there are no hidden sounds in 'Natt', Simple a short 'a'.


I like that this can easily be 'tasty night'. I know you probably couldn't use it in this scenario, but it's funny.


why did it count "got nakt" as correct.....


Americans will say good evening. Do the swedes ever say god kväll?


when to use god and when to use bra?


I am pronouncing it correctly but it keeps saying om wrong. Any tips?


I've reported it, but I can't get past this. I say it, but "natt" doesn't come up, and it has me do it over and over. I also said I can't speak right now, but it gives me the same one to say. What does one do to finish the lesson?


Why I cannot pronounce it right. Is it a bug?


i have done it now 43 times and every time is wrong


I got this wrong because it wasn't shown in the lesson

[deactivated user]

    I am pretty surprised how similar Swedish is to English. My dad is going on a business trip to Sweden and wants to learn a couple simple phrases.


    So good in swedish is good but shorter "o" when pronounce?. Am I right? Tak så mycket! In advance


    This program tries to force me to bye plus version bh saying that i pronounce god natt wrongly and its not wright. I say it perfectly right. And now my points are either getting low or they force me to takf plus. Amazing!

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