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  5. "Did you stop here?"

"Did you stop here?"

Translation:Ar stad tú anseo?

November 18, 2014



I’m not quite getting the difference between starting a question with ar or an.

In the exercise with the question, “Did you make the food?”, the answer is given as An ndearna tú an bia?

What’s the difference between these two questions, making it necessary to use one word, rather than the other?


Ar is the interrogative particle for past tense verbs, therefore it is used to ask "Did you stop?". But déan is one of the 11 irregular verbs in Irish, and one of the features that makes déan irregular is that déan uses an as the interrogative particle in the past tense.


Perfect! I need to go back and review that list again.

Thank you!


Céard atá mí-cheart le 'tusa' anseo?


Is "stad" or "stop" used more than than other? Or would that be regional, too?

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