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"She drinks milk or eats bread."

Translation:Zij drinkt melk of eet brood.

November 18, 2014



I'm still confused on whether or not to use 'Zij' or 'Ze'. I think 'Zij' is used to focus on the person, not the action. If that's the case, is the emphasis here not on the action?


So, is there an answer from someone that knows? :) what is the difference between Zij and Ze?


I'm a native Dutch speaker. There is no real difference between Zij en Ze. They both mean She (or They, but you'll learn that later). Zij is more often used when you want to emphasize something, i.e. Who's drinking my water? ZIJ drinkt het! Hope this helps.


The verb eet is the same in the first person and the third person (afirmative sentences).


Yes, and in the second person too. It is because the root ("eet") already ends on a -t.


and what about the difference between "op" en "of"? i guess "of" is only for questions, right?


"Of" is not only used in questions as the exercise above shows. It's often used to indicate a choice. "Op" means on, for example, Hij ligt op zijn bed of op de bank = He's lying on his bed or on the sofa.


There is not much difference between "Ze" and "Zij" except the fact that "Ze" is unemphasized form of "Zij".

As I understood from this website somewhere in the home page of the course. So "Ze drinkt" or "Zij drinkt" intends the same meaning I suppose.


Really do not understand the difference between " ze" or "zij", any help or examples ?


So im confused about zij and ze one question was she drink water (zij drinkt water) and the other was she drinks milk or eats bread (ze drinkt melk of eet brood) why are they not the same?

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