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"We are now finally at the airport."

Translation:Vi er nu endelig ved lufthavnen.

November 18, 2014



Edit: you may ignore this question.

Wouldn't på indicate being at/in the airport and ved just by but not necessarily in the airport?


I don't understand why in one sentence about airport it requires "i" (han er i den samme lufthavn som hende) and marks "ved" wrong and here it requires "ved" and marks "i" wrong


It's nothing that hasn't already been asked but...

I don't really understand why 'endelig' is missing the 't' at the end. Isn't it being used as an adverb?

And is "i lufthavnen" is also correct?


I think endeligt would be an adjective used for an et-word. (A final answer - et endeligt svar) and here it's an adverb , and verbs aren't en or et-words.


Endelig seems to be the form for the adverb finally. It is one of the exceptions, I guess.

Edit: Looks like someone else answered it already xD


Why you don't use "i" instead of "ved"? Is it wrong if I say "i lufthavnen" ?


Why "han er i den samme lufthavn" but "vi er nu endelig ved lufthavnen"? In this case "i lufthavnen" was marked wrong.


Is finally, then, some sort of an adjective then here, and not an adverb?


I want to ask the same thing. Why doesn't endelig end with a t again?


So I checked the dictionary, and apparently this word just doesn't get the t at the end as an adverb... https://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?select=endelig,2&query=endelig


I do not understand why you denied my answer. It is the SAME AS YOURS. Please review.

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