"Jag är en man."

Translation:I am a man.

November 18, 2014

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Is it also correct to say "Jag är mannen"?

EDIT: to answer my own question: No, that would mean "I am THE man".


As a native English speaker learning Dutch, Swedish, and French, it's cool to see the similarities and differences between all the languages (in particular, Dutch, English, and Swedish).


As a native German speaker learning English, Danish Dutch and Swedish, this is even better.


This sentence appears to be four sylibles long. Why does the audio example pronounce this phrase as only three sylibles?


I hear four syllables, but ”jag är” often just sounds like ”ja e” and quickly it might be hard to distinguish them as separate words.


The ar en are going so fast it's like 'arn' to me as well.


She pronounces 'jag är' together that it doesn't sound like two words.


Glad I'm not the only one who heard it this way.


"jag + är = jägr(?)" is very said quickly... almost seems like the English contraction "I + am = I'm"


That's definitely what it sounds like!


so glad I ain't the only one, lol


I heard no break between jag and är


So you don't pronunce the "g" in "jag" at all?


Usually not, but if we speak very slowly it's sometimes heard. Or if there's a strong emphasis on that word.


Is it okej to pronounce the "g" in "jag" if I choose to? Or would that cause any problems when I speak with native Swedes?


It's perfectly fine if you prefer that. :)


It's not only ok, it should be pronounced that way, as a native speaker I will understand you better if you do. In my opinion the audio should be fixed to pronounce it clearly so that people learn the correct way first.


It is perfectly fine to pronounce the G in Jag, Swedes will understand you even if you choose to pronounce it.


Jag sounds like the spanish "yo"


Please not "yo" but "ya." My Spanish speaking colleague says "yo" instead of "Jag" all the time and it doesn't sound correct.


I'd say that it sounds more like the Spanish "ya." I hear no long "o (as in "so") " in the Swedisn word "Jag."


This is actually one of the first things that came to my mind when I learned it..


I think I have always heard people say so. Why is it pronounced as /ja:/ in the example above? :/


Non-native speakers often think the long a in jag sounds like an o, but native Swedes don't agree. There may be some variation in pronunciation, but mainly this is because we have more vowel sounds than most other European languages, so learners need to train their ears to hear the sounds correctly.


Sorry for my late reply, thank you for the explanation! :) I will keep an ear on the issue :)


Thank you for that info. But still, I do not think it is like the English "a:" or short "a" sound. Doesn't this recording sound a bit off to you? In the previous example https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5522714 it is completely different. Are you able to show me some source with model pronunciation, if you know one? Thanks! :)


The new voice sounds OK. The one on top here sounds OK too: http://sv.forvo.com/search-sv/jag/
but there is variation in how people say the word and there are some cases where it's more understandable that people hear it as an o.

PS I listened to the sentence in your link and I agree it sounds different, but I think both are good. I think of both as a sounds but my idea of that is a Swedish a, it's difficult to transcribe our sounds into English.


What did you say


How do you produce the "a" with two dots above it?


Closest I can think of is like the a in "hair".


Like the Irish a in "art" :) Or a bit like the "ai-" in "air". The word "är" featured here is pronounced similarly to "air".

But I can't really find a totally similar sound in English and I'm not adequately skilled with written phonetics.


The "a" in "ham" is probably the best option here. :)

But Swedish has four pronounciations for ä, and not all correspond directly to English.


The "är" is almost silent in this sentence.


Im going to leave in sweden!

[deactivated user]

    You notice the audio is a woman saying I am a man? Anyway, my dad is going on a buisiness trip to Sweden and wants to learn a few simple phrases... good luck everyone.


    Does anyone know how I could possibly type some of these accent marks such as the double dots over the a?


    Most phones if you hold down the "a" key will give you the options to type ä or å


    In some languages (Finnish, Swedish, German ...) , the keyboard may have a double dot " ¨ " on the upper right end (same row as qwerty).

    You could also try to change the keyboard / windows language setting to "Swedish", which you can do in windows on the taskbar, with the language toolbar. With my UK laptop I switch daily between the different language toolbars. You would have a shortcut for that on the taskbar, no trouble there.

    Once the language is switched, you will find öäå / ÖÄÅ on the right end of the rows qwerty / asdf. Then it takes some training to get it right, but it is doable :-)

    Good luck!


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