"Jag äter frukt och ost."

Translation:I am eating fruit and cheese.

November 18, 2014

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That's a sneaky one - it sounds at first like an odd pronunciation of 'frukost'!


The bright side is it makes it easy to remember: Swedes eat frukt och ost for frukost!


lol do they really? :P


Well, I guess it can vary. Cheese on a slice of bread is probably common, as is cereal. I don't think fruit is that common, but there's sure to be some fruitbreakfasters out there.


Tomato is a fruit


We can buy peppers stuffed with cheese. Peppers are a fruit. Apple pie with a slice of mature Cheddar cheese is nice. We can buy cheese with apricot in it and cheese with cranberries in it.


Jordgubbar är frukt, nej?


Technically, yes, but treated as a berry for all apparent purposes that aren't botany.

Also, Swedish doesn't ever use "nej?" at the end of sentence where you mean to say "right?", what we say is "eller hur?".


its like the same frukt and fruit and frukost and breakfast


Sounds like a nasty combination..


You've clearly never had pineapple and cheddar. srsly, is this a thing only the UK does?!


Or brie with anything? Agreed it's very common


Nah man, fruit and cheese together is amazing! Especially the cheese that has like cranberries and stuff in it. I really fancy some now...


Marvellous. Thank you!


Oh, no!.it is tasty!


Does anyone have any tips for remembering that ost means cheese? Whenever I see the word I automatically think 'east'.


You know that it in fact means east too, right? Another word that means two things is åt, which can mean both ate and toward.
I'll tell you an old Swedish riddle that might help you remember that the word means both things:

Två män satt i en roddbåt. Den ena rodde åt väst och den andra åt ost. Åt vilket håll färdades båten och varför?

Rough translation:
'Two men were sitting in a rowboat. One was rowing to the west and the other to the east [or: 'ate cheese']. In what direction did the boat travel and why?'

So the answer is that the boat traveled westwards, because only one of them was rowing, the other one was just eating cheese!


It's pretty weird that åt means both ate and toward, English has its synonyms and homophones and all but that's on a whole new level. I wonder why the language developed like that...

That's great, thank you. I love stuff like that; riddles and wordplay are just awesome. :)


It isn't so weird when you consider the fact that åt (toward) might be cognate with English "at" and ate is spelled similarly in English


That's so enlightening n helpful! Tack så mycket!!:)


All foods that didnt come from sweden (like pasta is Italian) so like pasta is pasta in swedish but is that because it did not come from sweden? so is pizza pizza? or it burrito burrito?


For these at least. And guess our word for sushi :D
I can't promise you that all foreign foods have their original names, there are just too many different kinds of them, but they definitely retain their name in very many cases.


tack så mycket Arnauti!


It depends. Rice isnt "swedish" but is ris.


How do you pronounce "och"? Duo says it with the "ch" but all the swedish bands i listen to, don't.


Usually just å, but it depends on sociolect, surrounding words, and formality.


my Welsh speaking is not helping... I keep pronouncing the 'ch' in och as a welsh 'ch'..


So I've mostly heard 'och' being pronounced as 'o' with the ch part being silent. But here is pronounced the way it's spelt which is 'och'. Any reason for that?


The consonant sound in "och" is sometimes pronounced when the following word begins with a vowel, because that can feel easier than making two vowel sounds in a row. But it's still not necessary. I would say "frukt o ost". /native


what is ate in svenska?


I eat fruits and cheese is incorrect ?


fruit in English can be frukt or sometimes frukter in Swedish, but if it's frukt in Swedish, it should definitely be fruit in English.


Pears, figs, apples and cheese. Wonderful!


That's my normal breakfast. A piece of cheese and a little bit of fruit (plus a shot of espresso). In that order.


Brie cheese with cranberries and turkey sandwich!


And apple slices.


Is 'Jag äter' = 'I eat' or 'I am eating'? I am confused because sometimes the app says it is 'I am drinking..., They are swimming..., you are eating..., He is... Etc.' is correct and sometimes 'I drink, you eat, they swim, he likes etc' is correct.

Is there a rule or mnemonic?


Is 'Jag äter' 'I eat' or 'I am eating'? Same with 'Han dricker' e.g.? 'He drinks oder


Is 'Jag äter' 'I eat' or 'I am eating'? Same with 'Han dricker' e.g... 'He drinks' or 'He is drinking'? I get confused sometimes because the app says both is correct and i dont know if there is a rule behind it.


Both. Many languages use the same form of the verbs both for present simple and present continuous, with Swedish being one of the.

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