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Some advice to improve duolingo's efficency (IMHO)

Hi everybody, I am Daniele, I am 24 years old and come from southern Italy. I recently completed the english doulingo's three, and I want to give some advice to improve its efficency at administrators and programmers of this site; of course, all in my humble opinion. Maybe those advice work well for every other languages, but I tried only english tree so I'll speak about it. First thing, I think duolingo is very efficent for memorizing commons and basic rules, for example -s for the plural and third person verbs, construction of the verbs and so on. But I thinks there are some things to improve: 1) the learning curve is too low. The difficulty is not dinamical, and it is based only on the repetition. Maybe a more intellective-based modules might help to improve the efficency and make the exercise more funny. For example could be usefull to mix two or more modules, for making less meccanical the exercise: mix past simple and present perfect (really usefull for those languages, such Italian, doesn't have this type of verb), mix the three forms of future, ect. 2) I think the tree is unbalanced: the first part of it is rich, but the last part has not enough module to practice (for example the part relative to phrasal verbs and modal verbs, that have only two modules). 3) improve the "social". I think Duolingo has great potential to be a social, because the partecipation of the user is evident on the translaction activities. But what if the social to be extended in the tree? Users will be able to create their personal modules, mixed existent modules (see point 1) or just add questions on one module. Of course, this adds will be verifing by other users (with more skills in that language) gaining point as rewards.

Hope these can be usefull. I have writed this in english also for exercise, I gently ask you to correct me any errors inside.

Thank you.

November 18, 2014

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Sono d'accordo sul fatto che i blocchi siano troppo chiusi. 60 parole nel capitolo "oggetti" o 40 verbi, tutto di fila, sono pesanti, e non si può andare avanti per variare un po', anche alternare tra i due capitoli (luoghi-oggetti) non permette di variare molto. Mancano piccoli dialoghi o piccoli testi da ascoltare per fare comprensione del testo, (completare frasi, o domande a crocette) in cui usare le parole imparate applicate ad un contesto. La voce è troppo robotica. Per il resto mi piacciono le sezioni parole e immersione, le traduzioni proposte e la collaborazione nel tradurre, la traduzione obbligatoria nei capitoli delle lezioni che non permette di accontentarsi di capire solo il significato generale, ma obbliga a capire tutte le parole. il fatto di sapere quanto cresce il vocabolario. Vado avanti... ci vorrà del tempo per finire l'albero.

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