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Freeze - Refresh, Freeze - Refresh, Freeze - Refresh.

Every time I try to do a lesson it freezes after I click "check." The only solution I see then is to refresh the page, erasing all of my progress on said lesson and making me start the entire lesson again. After I refresh the page, it freezes again after two or three questions. This process repeats nearly every time I try to do a lesson. It is very frustrating. How can this be fixed?

October 11, 2012



I've tried it in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari - for all of them, the problem continues.


This keeps happening to me, it's taking up a lot of precious time


I found a temporary fix, if you highlight the URL then hover your mouse over the reload button (chrome), once you press enter to reload the highlighted stuff immediately press on the stop button where the reload button was. hope that makes sense


I'm also having this problem now. I just want to learn French :\


Which browser are you guys using?


google chrome - no problem :)


Having this problem too, at the end of lesson 1 spanish, browser chrome.


This post appears to be a year old, yet I am having the same issue. Was this never resolved? Currently using Safari.


I can't even get passed the first lesson! It keeps happening to me as well and I've tried all browers and "tricks" - let me know if you get a response from duolingo, or if you've figured out how to solve the problem!


This happens intermittently for me (on Firefox 24.0), but almost always on the last "continue" at the end of a lesson, so I've done all the work but don't get the credit.

It fixes itself if I log out, then close and restart the browser before returning to Duolingo.


Happens ALL the time...THEY have not fixed the problem..I have tried all browsers and every other quiz freezes...REALLY seems you could fix this after 2 years of complaints!!! You fall short!!!


I have been having the same problem and it is very frustrating! I have used every browser and trick as well. I have been on Basics 1/1 in Portuguese for a week and cannot move forward. I even downloaded the app on my iphone and it freezes as well! I so bummed.


I am currently having this problem with Google Chrome.


It keeps happening to me too in Chrome.


same problem here.


i use Safari and it happens to me always at the end of the lesson and when I have three hearts - most frustrating. It freezes irrespectively whether I click or use enter.

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