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How do I report a translation error?

For example, in the Spanish flashcards, it is using the word learned in the clothing section "botas" (boots), but on the flash cards it is treating it as if it were a conjugation of the verb "botar" (to bounce).

November 18, 2014



I have the same question, I keep coming across errors in the flashcards and would like to help DL find and correct them!


Are you on a phone or a computer?


on computer. I also can't even figure out how to do flashcards at all on phone.


Yes, in Lesson 5 Portuguese, the word given in the new vocab, to be learnt, for 'like' is gosto or gosta... then when I type in gosto it is marked as incorrect and a word 'curte' given as the correct one.... which was not in the list.

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