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I have just finished my Danish tree!

First of all I want to thank the contributors for the great job they have done! Despite the course still being in beta, I did not encounter many problems or mistakes during the lessons. For example, the hints under the words are almost always helpful (like also with prepositions and stuff like that).

I would have probably never had the opportunity to learn Danish without Duolingo. I've always found it interesting, as well as all the other Germanic and Scandinavian languages, but it would have probably remained a "I wish I could speak it" kind of thing.

I am still far from being anything more than a beginner, but of course you always have to start somewhere. I have a decent understanding of written Danish and I also have to say that I can understand a little Norwegian and Swedish (I'm always talking about written stuff though... spoken Danish is still a VERY hard challenge, I like how it sounds, but understanding what is being said is all another story). I have started the course when it came out, so it took me just a bit less than three months to finish it (almost one third of the time it took me to finish my German tree, but I wasn't that costant back then). Yeah, I think that knowing (some) German helped me as well, especially with vocabulary.

So what are my plans now? Well, first of all I have to make my tree golden because I don't really know why but every day I would find around 10 skills to strengthen (usually always the same ones) so at some point I gave up keeping it golden and decided I would do that once I would finish the tree - so, now. Then I'll keep practising and hopefully one day I'll start to understand something of spoken Danish (it was the same with German, so there's always hope).

Then there's the Swedish tree that is looking at me. I must give it a try, even though I don't know if it will work. :)

Og jeg vil sige at min nye danske ugle er meget smuk. :) Jeg er stolt at jeg har endelig fået den!

So well, that's it. Thanks for reading my long rambling and good luck with your trees! :)

November 18, 2014



In order to keep the skills golden you have to:

  1. Answer the questions correctly (getting word wrong means it needs more frequent review)
  2. Not hover of the words (that makes them need review more frequently)
  3. Simply practice them more.

I know the algorithm takes all of those things into consideration when calculating how often certain words or skills require review. I know for me the big thing I try to do when going back to old skills is to try not to hover over the word unless I really can't think of it.


Thank you for your advice. :) I should definitely try to peek less, because I usually tend to check the words every time that I'm not 100% sure of being right. The thing is that either Duolingo hates me or there's something wrong with the algorithm: I used to practise every day until the tree was golden again, sometimes even without doing new lessons, but the day after I would have to strengthen them all over again. There are some words that I always get right but nonetheless keep popping up in every strengthening that I do.


I've had similar issues, especially with particular skills ('places' and I are mortal enemies lol). It seems no matter how many times or how efficiently I strengthen them, they're determined to undo themselves. My Danish tree degrades waaayy faster than my French one. I suspect it's a bug of some kind.

Also, tillykke with finishing your tree :)


Thank you! :) Places hates me too! There must be something wrong with it.


I've either just expressed congratulations, said something very offensive, or blathered gibberish. I've really no idea which yet, but the first was intended!


Hahahaha! :) Thank you! :)


Tillykke! You've acomplished quite the feat. Held og lykke with the rest of your Danish journey.


Mange tak! :) The journey is indeed just started!


Now you should try this kind of Danish Tree! (træstammer - Danish Tree Log) my favorite desert as a kid. It comes with pictures and the recipe. You haven't lived if you haven't eaten this. https://nordicfoodliving.com/danish-tree-logs-traestammer/

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