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  5. "Kvinnan älskar mannen."

"Kvinnan älskar mannen."

Translation:The woman loves the man.

November 18, 2014



What would be Swedish for "likes the man"?


"... gillar mannen"


What's the difference between 'gilla' och 'tycka om'?


They are synonyms :). "Gilla" is more colloquial though.


How to say "I love you?


Jag älskar dig.


I sometimes turn on my "English mind" so then I start to confuse the "du" and "dig" but then I remember that there's also a subject form of "you" in my native language :DDD


Can I say " Jag älskar du"


No, it's "jag älskar dig".


What's the difference between ogillar and gillar?


They're opposites. Ogillar = dislike, gilla = like.


It's funny I always hear kvinna instead of kvinnan, is it me or they sound nearly the same and we have to determine which one to use by context?


Well, since the only difference is the -n at the end they will sound very much alike. Natives will hear the difference though.


As an American who has studied German and now some of this, I can hear it. Practice makes perfect friend.


It is,from my point of hearing at least,nearly always Kvinnan.


It's just funny to learn these phrases that would only be used to answer a specific comment or question in English. I only refer to someone as "The -something" when being funny or sarcastic. Same for Swedish?


What's the difference between älskar, gillar and tycker om?


älska = love
gilla, tycka om = like


Jag älskar duolingo


i HAVE to skip each " type what you hear " not becuase i just cant do it.... i cant HEAR it!! im only 10, and sense i have to skip " type what you hear " i get mad and sad ( smad ) and just turn it off and lose ALL my progress!!! and it took a lot of time to make it to level 3!!


Have you tried the slow version? I do that with Danish sometimes and it normally helps :).

[deactivated user]

    If trying out the slow version doesn't wprk out for you, there's always the option of disabling sound in your settings. Assuming that this is still a problem, that is.


    Well, the comment to which you replied is over four years old, but still, it's good advice. :)


    Is it pronouncing Kvinnan right? Shouldn't the first consonant be pronounced like an "f"?


    Sounds right to me. V or F will do.


    I can't type special foreign letters on my phone's keyboard. Or, maybe I just don't know how?


    You mean 'å, ä, ö'? You can find it in your keyboard's settings (Languages and input or something like that)


    Why is it always a woman who loves a man or a man who loves a woman and nothing else ? It's the 4th time I hear that a man and a woman love each other. And also why are so many comments deleted under this question ?


    That's not true. We also have sentences like Han älskar honom, Hon älskar henne, etc.

    Most of the deleted comments are things like "dhhb", "KEWL", "Oh no, they gonna kiss! Kids! Cover your eyes!", and other completely unnecessary comments.


    Well the thing is, in this lesson, I ended up seeing five times that men love women and not once that men love each other or women love each other ! Not once. And it's the same in all the "Basics" lessons I followed... Seems like people make those exercises want these straight ideas to get in our head... I'm not saying it's homophobic or whatever, but you've got to admit that seeing this five times in one lesson somehow conditions my brain for heterosexuality and implicitly tells me that homosexuality isn't natural, or doesn't even exist since they never talk about it.


    No, I get what you're saying but you're absolutely wrong. This course is one of the most inclusive ones on Duolingo. We have lots of sentences that are non-hetero. All that's happened is that the underlying system decided you needed extra training on some exercises, which happened to be those exercises. We do not control that at all.

    somehow conditions my brain for heterosexuality and implicitly tells me that homosexuality isn't natural, or doesn't even exist

    You're really, really making a mountain out of a molehill here. Comparing getting a few heterosexual sentences with brainwashing, I mean, come on... I am non-binary, not heterosexual myself, and I don't have any brainwashing agendum.

    You're at level three, with 150 xp, which means you've gone through exactly fifteen of the most basic lessons. Later in the course, you'll encounter sentences such as "Her wife is a priest" - you should see the deleted comments section on that one.


    Oh yeah you're right.. I'm sorry I didn't think about the algorithm's impact on the lesson.


    What is the difference between like and likes?


    You use "likes" for when the third-person singular, "like" for everybody else:

    • I like
    • You like
    • He/She/It likes
    • We like
    • You like
    • They like


    I wish that every question was that simple to answer. Especially when it comes to Swedish grammar / syntax / prepositions etc. :D


    I got thos correct yet it says i was wrong?


    It's possible you had a typo, or the system did something wrong. Going through the question again usually helps.


    Depends. We can't see your input - what did you write?


    how heteronormative


    It is only heteronormative if the course exclusively offers heteronormative sentences. An inclusive course offers all kinds of inclusive sentences.

    This course in particular also offers sentences such as "he loves him", "she loves her", "he cooks for his boyfriend", "her wife is a priest", and many more. It is possibly the least heteronormative course on Duolingo.

    Please do not make assumptions based on a single sentence.


    About "älskar" I hear elsker sometimes and sometimes elskar,which is right?


    elsker and elskar is both wrong, it's always älskar in the present tense.

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