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  5. "Manden og kvinden"

"Manden og kvinden"

Translation:The man and the woman

November 18, 2014



In english, we would just normaly say "the man and woman". No need to repeat the article, how about in danish?


Since there is no definite article and it is a part of the word instead, it can't be left out.

"Manden og kvinde" would sound weird and wrong.


I find this confusing as in German the plural is mostly formed with an -n suffix so i nearly thought it was 'men and women'


That confused me when learning German. :) (Native Danish).


haha! I was learning French and German at school in the same years. (which everyone said I was weird, because nobody likes learning languages in my country..it's like the new maths!) and my French teacher asked 'what's nose?' and I very nearly said 'die naese'! XD (Didn't help that she was also my german teacher in the first year of senior school!)


That's easy for us English-speakers in German. We have children and oxen, so it makes sense to us. Then Scandinavian definite forms confuse the hell out of us!


I think if you used 'kvinde' it would need the indefinite article (en kvinde). In order to show you mean a particular woman, you need the definite article which in Danish seems to be the -en ending.


-en is only the definite article for 'common gender" words. For neuter words it's "-et". :)


I don't really understand why i got the sentence wrong because it was right


When should i use "et" and "en"?? there is no difference between the two at al


There is no rule for when to use "en" or when to use "et". You will have to learn them as you learn the nouns. It is similar to French where there is also no rule about when it is masculine or feminine. It's even hard for native Danish speaker to remember which one to use, so don't worry!


Hi please their is a problem in the voice message they have wrote "manden og kvinden" so I said in the voice message The Man And The Woman but they have put it wrong :-/


Please I want an answer since I dont love to lose and my win is truth


ok, so this isn't plural as it needs an "r" to be plural. So would it be correct to say A man and a woman the same as the man and the woman? Are the two the same or different. Et Manden og et kvinden? is that wrong or right?


That is wrong. "Manden" means the man, "en mand" means a man. Both "mand" and "kvinde" are n-words, so both use "en" not "et". In any case "en manden" would also be wrong, it would mean: the a man.

Instead of adding a word like the we simply move "en" or "et" to the end of the noun to make the definite form.


in pronunciations, I can't understand the difference between ''mand'' and ''manden'', ''kvinde'' and ''kvinden''. I hear them like the same.


No problem, I'll study


Manden og kvinden are:The man and the women?


Manden og kvinden question keeps repeating itself. Any fix for this


Lol my Swedish tendencies kicked in and I typed "Mannen och Kvinnan"

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