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Bonsoir à toutes et à tous,

Désolé pour les francophones, je n'ai pas eu le temps de rédiger un "speech" en français ! :) Alors je me contente de vous faire lire celui que j'ai fait en anglais.

Rassurez-vous, je ne boude pas du tout la langue française, loin de là...

Well, well, well! :)

Three well(s) for three hundred day-streak, three languages learned and three owls! Indeed, in this streak, unlike the second one, I have something new on Duolingo, since I have finished the Italian tree, the last one. Concerning the streak, when I talk about it, it doesn't only mean the number of the days that I tried to maintain alive the only whole streak, but each streak of each language, that is to say, 3 hundred day-streak for English, 3 hundred day-streak for French and you guess the last one, the same streak for Italian. Not exactly, because I don't climb a tree before climbing down from another one! :)

New things are good but are not the most important ones, I think. For me, the most important thing is what you can accomplish with what you have done. At this point of view, I think I have reached my purpose. Actually, during this streak, even though I have already started in the second one, but mostly in this one, I produce what I have "consumed"! In brief, I am reaping what I have sown! :)

I almost spent two hundred days, two streaks in my case, to learn and one hundred days to work. Indeed, I have greatly improved my work in Immersion, translated many sentences and this in two directions : from French to English and from English to French. To achieve this work, I am not alone. A lot of people, among us, here in Duolingo's world, help me! They are very kind and I know I am damn boring, sometimes, to bother them, to ask them not to forget me, like a child who asks adults not to forget his gift for Christmas! :)

For all these disadvantages and mostly for their precious helps, I wish to thank them and be grateful to them. I will not mention their names; I think the authors will recognize themselves...

Here it concerns about what I did inside Duolingo, but I am not always on it, I am also on my own, outside Duolingo. In brief, I live my life. It is not new, I continue what I have done during the last two streaks, watching news in English, about twenty minutes every day in the morning before going to work, reading English newspapers, English novels. Concerning the English novels reading, I've finished three novels by Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code, Digital Fortress and Inferno), a novel by Halen Coben (Tell no one). I am reading Stay close by Harlen Coben...

TheWorld2014 becomes now Mundusfr ! :)

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