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Are we lab rats?

October 11, 2012



As in are we being tested on? Does it matter, the purpose is to learn, are you learning from this website?


Luis Von Ahn gave an interview in Spanish: http://www.fluentin3months.com/entrevista-luis/

He said that everyone could get a different view at any given time, as they try out a lot of things and try and get what works best.


Of course. That's humanity's job.


@Vinotinto Woah, slow down there!

You have taken the completely wrong message from what I have said.

Think it through, if they want a translation engine, then they need accurate translations, and that comes from teaching people well.

The experiments they are performing are to determine what is the best way to teach people.

If they find that a large number of people fail a certain module, they might break it up into smaller modules, or rework the exercises so they are more effective.

By trying slight changes on different groups of people at the same time, they can quickly improve both the education and the translation.

Both goals go hand in hand!

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