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Set our own streak deadline?

Hey all, one problem I have with Duolingo is the hard deadline on the streak system. While I like the concept as a reward mechanism to entice us to practice daily, I am a graduate student and thus have a completely different schedule than a person with a real job. As I do Duolingo late at night, simply getting distracted by my studies can push me past midnight and cause me to lose my streak. This destroys the incentive of the streak system and goes against the online learning philosophy by forcing me to structure my time around Duolingo and not the other way around.

Is there any way that we could set our own streak deadline? So, for example I could set 6 am in my local time to be when the streak expires (even I'm not up that late!) whereas someone with a real job could keep it at midnight as before. Thanks!

July 3, 2013



I think that would be ideal. Barring that, setting it to something like 3 or 4am would be a great improvement.


Agreed! This happens to me all the time too. I'd get around to Duolingo at, like, 12:30 AM before bed, and there goes my streak. :p


If we do it everyday at that time, we'd still have a streak though.


Life will always take priority in the end, as someone commented above. I'm more interested in other stats like sentences translated for example.


This would be great. Some days I don't even get home til 10:30pm and it's tough to get to Duo before 12 as much as I love it.


Why there is no any feedback from Duolingo's team?


Yep. Anki has a default day's end at 4am but is editable. that makes a lot more sense.

I would also like to be able to pause the streak. I often have to take a few days out every fortnight because although learning german is a high priority for me now, there are still times when real life takes priority.


But the whole point is that you forget things over time, so taking a few days off sets back your learning.


try busuu.com parallel with Duolingo.


Another reason to be able to change the deadline used for calculating the streak is for people who travel and change time zones. For example, I prefer to do DuoLingo first thing in the morning, but when I'm in Europe, I have to wait until after the time when it is midnight in my home area in the U.S. (west coast), before my work will count as being part of a new day.

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