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Idea- Best Losing Streak

That flame mocks me.

My job requires twelve + hours a day, six days a week from spring to fall. After work, some Duo is part of my daily routine before I retire. With that said, I know that if I want my little flame-thingy to show that I've done my daily studies I need to complete either a lesson or an un-timed vocab review to keep my flame going. Yes, some of you will point out that there are other methods, but those two are the ones I use at this time.

So I get on and do a vocab and pass it first try. Huzzah! I'll try a new lesson on the tree! It's not even midnight yet!

Said lesson kicked my bootie. I got clobbered. Midnight's coming- that's my first (and could be my last) chance to get my flame for July 3rd so I want a lesson or a review done at the bell. The lesson showed me I was not ready for it, so I figured I'd do a vocab review or two and be off the hook.

It took me eight fails to finally pass another review. I did pass #9 with no hearts left but, by gum, I passed. And I can spell Schokolade.

I think it would be a kewl statistic to be able to show our best losing streak. It would be like following someone who has 40 or so flames and then goes to 0- but also seeing how many times they tried to overcome that hurdle.

It's also a good reminder of where we've been. I'm certain that if I stick to this for six or more months, I'll spend more time arguing the nuances of specific sentences on an occasional failed question or lesson. But I don't yet know the fundamentals well and my failed reviews demonstrate that.

The question is- how many fails am I willing to go through? Answer: as many as it takes to succeed. And a tally of this number is a testament of sorts to us students that have to drill this stuff into our skulls before it sticks.


July 3, 2013

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well said, keep it up!!

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