"No, goodbye!"

Translation:Nej, hej då!

November 18, 2014

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can anyone explain how "då" makes "goodbye" from "hello"? :)


it's just like that, you can't argue with that.


You are so correct


Lots of languages have words that mean hello and goodbye (like ciao and salut) so be glad the is in there!


Då is actually "then". So maybe (I'm just speculating!) Hej meant both Hi and Goodbye, then to differentiate they added "then", like "bye then" :)


An other word for goodbye is 'adjö' from French adieu, but it is not so common nowadays.


how do you type accents?


With all my respect to fellow learners, don't follow their suggestions, please. If you want to learn the language and namely to learn writing, all these Alt-123 tricks don't go. You should install a Swedish keyboard. In Windows, go to Regional and language settings (go to Start Menu and type "Region" in the Search box - works since Windows Vista). Then go to the "Keyboards and languages" tab. Click "Change keyboards" and then "Add". Search for Swedish (Sweden) and click "Apply" then "OK" appropriate number of times. You're done, and: Å is on the [ key, Ä is on the apostrophe, and Ö is on the semicolon, i.e. ; .


Tack så mycket


Windows: å = Alt + 134, Å = Alt + 143, ä = Alt + 132, Ä = Alt + 142, ö = Alt + 148, Ö = Alt + 153

Note: from my experience, alt codes only work when you use the number pad, not the top row of keys.

Mac: å = option + a, Å = option + shift + a, To umlaut a letter, option + u then type the letter that you wish to be "umlauted".


The number pad is used with the NUM LOCK on.

However, I highly recommend installing the International keyboard. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306560 Scroll down for information on how to create the accents ( ' + a = á) (" + a = ä), but what they forgot to tell you is that if you hold the right ALT key and press W key, then you will get å.


I went to my keyboard and language settings and added a Swedish keyboard on my computer


I is actually not accents, there are three extra letters at end in the Swedish alphabet.


If you are using Microsoft Word, there are keyboard shortcuts you can use. Shift+Crtl+@, a gives you å, Shift+Ctrl + : (colon), a gives you ä, Shift+Ctrl+: (colon), o gives you ö.

To put the characters into a post here, compose your post in Word, then copy and paste.


press and hold on the keys


In my little corner of Norrland the most common farewell is ''hej hej''. I think I may have heard it around the bigger cities but I'll have to pay more attention next time. As I expected, ''hej hej'' was not an acceptable answer here. I am not a native and wonder about your experiences with ''hej hej''


It's a little too non-standard to accept, but it's certainly common to use hej and variations thereof for "goodbye" as well in Sweden, colloquially.


It seems to be the same in Danish. Duo accepts "hej hej" as "goodbye"


Do you mean in the Danish course? We don't accept it in this one.


In Finland we say it same way and it's very common. In Finnish "Hei" is hello and "hei hei" is goodbye!


Why is "farväl" not accepted? It sure is Swedish, although not a common one.

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