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"Het is handig om een laptop te hebben."

Translation:It is useful to have a laptop.

November 18, 2014



Can you just say "het is handig een laptop te hebben"? Or, "een laptop te heben is handig"?


First sentence is great. Second sentence sound very german-like to me unless you omit ''te'', then it sounds natural.


Note: it is far more common to pronounce it the English way, as far as I've heard; so it's usually pronounced more like "leptop".


Sidenote: That is the case for the variety of Dutch spoken in the Netherlands, but not for the variety of Dutch spoken in Belgium. The Flemish seem to boycott English pronounciation of English loanwords.


I wouldn't call it boycott, we just integrate it in our own language and make it SOUND Dutch. It's the same word, with a cultural twist. We do the same with French by the way, just mixing things. Only German and Latin stay the same. This regulation does not count for every word, however. Examples: computer, desk, chauffage, computer terms (desktop, browser...), brands... . ;)


How about "It's handy to have a laptop"?

Or is this a bit too British for US English speakers?

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