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"It was the Stranger Arrest I’ve ever made"

I was at the Police Station when a supermarket manager called me for help; next, I arrived at the market and I saw a crazy guy, who was running in circles in the parking. Then, he begun to blame at the people and he took off his clothes. After that, he started to harass the ladies, who were in the market; Consequently, for all of this; I decided to arrest him and before that I were to arrest him he started to smoke a doobie of marijuana. Finally, I arrested him, but he tried to kiss me, so as he tried to kiss me, I took advantage of this and quickly I put him his clothes back and I took him to the Police Station which was close to the market.

October 11, 2012

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"Stranger Arrest" debe ser "Strangest Arrest"". "In the parking" debe ser "in the parking lot." "He begun to blame at the people" debe ser "He began to glare at the people." "Harass the ladies" sería mejor como "harass the women." "Before that I were to arrest him" debe ser "before I arrested him." "I put him his clothes back" deve ser "I put his clothes back on him."

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