"Chiameranno l'ospedale."

Translation:They are going to call the hospital.

November 18, 2014

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They will call the hospital should also work, but this option is not available


Thats how I answered and it is accepted now 4/5/2020


I agree with the other comments: "They will call the hospital" should be allowed.


They will phone/telephone the hospital is rejected, so presumably they are going to stand in the street and shout 'Oi, hospital'...


A lot of exercises in this series are using "am/is/are going to +verb" instead of the future tense in their English translation. While not wrong, I am wondering if it is the most accurate translation. I would have stuck with the same tense in english for the solution considered perfect (ie the one where you don’t get another suggestion).


I think they almost always give another suggestion. For this future skill, I stick with the "will" + verb construction, and, for the phrasal future skill (e.g. «Vado a viaggiare.»), I use the "[conjugation of to be]" + verb"-ing" construction.


There's a subtle difference in English usage of "will" versus "(to be) going to." Really. Just google it!

Examples include the use of "going to" for some action that has not yet happened but is already planned; "will" for some action just decided at the time of speaking.

'What will you give me?' ... "Oh, I'll give you a lingot." "What are you going to wear tomorrow?" ... "I'm going to wear my new dress."


Why dont they just say they will call instead of are going to?


i put ring which is is usual English


They will call to the hospital is not accepted


My answer wasn't accepted 1/10/2021 They will phone the hospital

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