"Det är ett svårt prov."

Translation:It is a difficult exam.

November 18, 2014

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Wow, I actually wrote "black exam" even though it makes absolutely no sense. Good for me.


You're not the only one :D


Does svårt has anything to do with svart?


If prov is test/exam, what is proof, such as a mathematical proof?


Am I the only one that thinks at "prov" sounds completely difference than it seems like it should sound?


Why so? It sounds right.


The p sounds a lot like a b sound to me, and the v sounds non-existant.

Edit: If I listen very closely I can hear the missing sound at the end, and then it doesn't sound weird to me. Just not sure if it's my own non-native ears or if it's a TTS error.


Is there just one Swedish word for "test" and "exam"?


There are more words depending on what you mean.


What's the difference between prov and tentamen


An relationship between "prov" in Swedish and "épreuve" in French?


That's interesting. Exam, as in school/university exam is almost always reffered to as "prova" in portuguese. The only differences are the O sound, and of course the A in the end.


Difference between svår and svårt?


en svår X vs ett svårt X.
You add the t to the end of this adjective to make it neuter gender because it wants to match the word it is modifying, which in this case is the "ett word" prov.


On this page I see it is translated as "a difficult exam". In the exercise it is translated as "a hard exam". Same meaning, but I think it should be "an hard exam". But when I give "an hard exam" as an answer it is said that it is fault.


Well, for most speakers it would be completely wrong to say "an hard" because we pronounce the /h/ in hard. There are some dialects, most of them in England, that would say it like "an ard" as you seem to want but it's not standard in RP (UK) nor in Gen Am. English.


I learned to write "an" if the word after it starts with a vowel or an h- and to write "a" in all other cases. Is it more complex in reality?


It's not complex. An is only before vowel sounds.
/h/ is not a vowel sound but if it's silent then the word starts with a vowel sound and so requires an.


Actually, it is only about the sound. I mean, we say a uniform, right? Or an hour. So just listen to the sound and you will be fine. :)


It seems like hard is not accepted instead of difficult now.


I could not recognise the last word of the sentence (PROV), although listening to it numerous times it sounded like a word beginning with B. Now, knowing the correct word Ive replayed it several more times and Im convinced it still isnt a P. Lets ope its my audio and not the systems!


I learned before that the exams are called tenta in Sweden. Does someone know and could explain to me the difference between prov and tenta and when to use which? That would be great. :)

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