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Looking For Tandem Exchange Partner!

I've been learning Dutch for 30 days now and it's good enough to where I can have a simple conversation in written Dutch. I've had a week-long conversation purely in Dutch with someone I know from the Netherlands.

It forces me to look up words and practice writing. My goal is to finish the Duolingo Dutch tree by January 1, 2015 and become proficient (not fluent) hopefully by the end of Summer 2015.

I'm looking for someone around my age (17, American, boy) because it's easier to talk to people around my age (similar interests and stuff)... You can friend me on Facebook, just let me know if you're sending a friend request.

I'd be happy to help with English if you'd like. I'm just hoping to find some friends that I can talk to on Facebook in Dutch to improve my skills.

Thanks! :D

November 18, 2014



www.sharedtalk.com www.penpalsworld.com www.conversationexchange.com This are some sites where you can find people from the Netherlands and over the World if you dont find someone here! Hope it helps! ;)


Yo, I volunteer :D. I live in the NL, but I also only learn the language now. So maybe I can give you some tips or stuff :D. My English is pretty good, I would like to say, so if there's a part where we don't understand each other in Dutch, we can just switch. Can you add me on FB?


How good is your Dutch? I'd rather talk with a native speaker unless you're really really good at it.

What was your first language?


And hopefully once I complete the tree and I'm comfortable with speaking, we could Skype or something so that I could practice with a native speaker! ^.^

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