"Hon läser inte brev."

Translation:She does not read letters.

November 19, 2014

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Best to become acquainted with noun endings via a secondary source. Duolingo should really provide some grammar information when it gets to this point in the course I think.


They do provide us grammar information. It's on the website. I wish they would make it available on the mobile app too.


Where on the website do you find the grammar?


There's a button with a lightbulb when you click on the lesson, next to the key. Alternatively, you can go here:


I'm trying hard not to tap on the words and take a cheat look at the answers, but this is like writing a book report for something I haven't read. Some kind of info during the first lesson of every group would be nice.


so, how can we tell? Or is this another one of those things that we just have to memorize? And, thank you for that graph below, that was useful.


We can tell it's indefinite because there is nothing added to the end and we can tell it's plural because there is no article.


Would "she's not reading a letter" be a possible translation?


'A letter' would be "ett brev" but this is plural "brev"


"she's not reading letters" would be okay i think-


So words ending in v stay the same in plural form or just an exception?


-et words that end in a consonant follow a declension pattern you will have to learn:

  • ett brev - brevet - brev - breven
  • ett barn - barnet - barn - barnen
  • ett hus - huset - hus - husen

The difference is, of course, that you don't use an article with the plural form.

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    Is brev for like, reading a letter sent by a friend? Or is it like letters of the alphabet? Thank you!


    I'm pretty sure it's the "letter from a friend" type


    Ibuse mobile almost exclusively, so rlthe laxk if tips is frustrating. Heres the pattern I've been able to divine:

    For "ett" words:

    If the word ends in a vowel, then add "n". For example, "ett äpple" is the singular and ends in a vowel, so the indefinite plural is "äpplen".

    If the word ends in a consonant, then do nothing. This is why "brev" is the same for the indefinite singular and indefinite plural.


    How to understand in this context if she's reading one or several letters, or for one you would say "Hon läser ett brev"?


    Tanks a lot for this information!! Tack så mycket!!


    Why is it the same??? Like brev and brev is different? Why isnt it brevar or zumth how to know the difference?

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