"Saya mendengar seekor binatang."

Terjemahan:I hear an animal.

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Karena objek diawali huruf vokal (a,i,u,e,o)

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kenapa i listen a animal salah? tolong penjelasannya

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Animal hrs "An" animal.... Bukan "A" animal

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Kenapa listen to animal salah ya??

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something wrong? masa "i listen an animal" salah

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Apa perbedaan listen dan hear?

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We use hear for sounds that come to our ears, without us necessarily trying to hear them! For example, 'They heard a strange noise in the middle of the night.' 

Listen is used to describe paying attention to sounds that are going on. For example, 'Last night, I listened to my new Mariah Carey CD.' 

So, you can hear something without wanting to, but you can only listen to something intentionally. An imaginary conversation between a couple might go:  'Did you hear what I just said?'  'No, sorry, darling, I wasn't listening.' 


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