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  5. "You pay the man."

"You pay the man."

Translation:Íocann sibh don fhear.

November 19, 2014



It says my answer "íocann tú an fear" is wrong and the correct answer is "íocann sibh an fear". Why might that be?


I have the same. i'm going to report it as I think it must be wrong. Tú is singular "you" and sibh is plural. So it *should be right... I think!! :)


Doesn't "don fhear" mean "for the man"?


do is used for "behalf" of. "Pay the man" should be Íocann tú an fear, based on this here, which shows bille a íoc as "to pay a bill."

However, I can't see what it says the answer is supposed to be.

See this comment here for more


I agree. 'don fhear' for the man, 'an fear' the man. The English sentence is 'I pay the man' which is not the same as 'I pay for the man'. Two different sentences in my opinion.

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