Translation:The crab

November 19, 2014



The sound of the first syllable is strange...is it correct pronunciation?


The new TTS is better, but instead it makes the k sound like a g.

EDIT I'm comparing the new TTS with the really horrible one we had before as Mygrapefruit mentioned. In her comment, there's a link to a correct pronunciation of the word. Follow that and hear how it's supposed to sound.


No, this is a horrible pronunciation. Sounds like the TTS messing up. 'an' at end should be unstressed.This would be correct, just add an n to the end:



One of the most difficult things with Swedish is 'how to stress', words or syllables. The computer-voice does not seem to handle that very well. I have heard some really weird sentences so far. the crab = krabban, has stress on both syllables in Swedish: kr'abb'an.


Here in the USA, different regions of the country use different dialects, with the stress on words being different. For instance, in the south they would pronounce the word 'hotel' with the stress on the first syllable, while in most other parts of the country the stress would be on the second syllable. So I guess it's just this way with other languages too.


Yes, but what is different with some words in Swedish, is that we have 'two' stresses, and that these two stresses sometimes changes the meaning of the word. For example: 'Tomten' with stress on the first syllable means 'bulding plot', but stress on both the first and the last syllable, means 'Father Christmas'.


When the word is just "crab" it pronunce: "krabba" but when it is "the crab" the word is changing as "krabban" why ?


Swedish forms definite forms by attaching a suffix to the end of the word. Usually, it's something ending in -n.


The k sound in krabban sounds like a g, making it sound like "grabban" instead.


Yep. This fooled me too


The voice seems to be pronouncing this word with a "g" as in grabban


I love it when some Swedish words are somewhat similar to English ... makes them easier to remember.

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