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"The elephant and the duck eat."

Translation:Itheann an eilifint agus an lacha.

November 19, 2014



What is different, aside from spelling, between 'eilifint' and 'heilifint?'


The pronunciation. The "h" is added in certain cases based on grammatical rules, which you'll learn eventually. It can be very important, but isn't always.


I thought "is" is short for "agus"? Or is it only in certain fixed expressions?


It is not short for 'agus'.


There was another question earlier where "they eat" was translated as "ithid." Is "ithid" just an abbreviation of "itheann siad" or does this answer use the wrong conjugation of third person plural?


Ithid is a 3rd person plural synthetic form found only in Munster. For some speakers it's a bona fide synethic form (like ithim) while for others it appears before siad alone (ithid siad instead of itheann siad). In older language it was used before plural nouns (ithid na buachaillí) but that's practically obsolete now, with the analytic itheann being the default now. Many younger speakers also have itheann siad under the influence of the Caighdeán


I put an lacha and it countes it wrong...?

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