"Han äter ett äpple."

Translation:He is eating an apple.

November 19, 2014

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When do you use "ett" as opposed to "en"?


Wow this is a hard sentence to say


Me trying to speak: Han......e........ I can't..


Is the pronunciation of äpple by the computer correct?


I was also wondering this. The computer pronunciations are better than google translate by far but still feel a little janky


I also wonder if the stress on the last syllable is correct


Jag lär mig svenska och tala lite svenska. Been busy for little more then a month now. It’s a fun language to learn. Some words are harder to pronounce or just don’t seem logical to me, coming fron the Netherlands where almost every letter is pronounced the way it looks like. Like ren (reindeer) which is pronounced more like ri-an and djur where the d is silent.
Han äter ett äpple isn’t hard to pronounce though. You should try Katterna tycker om hundernen (the cats like the dogs). Also, sone sentences are so funny. I ran into björnen tycker om vegetarianen. The bear likes the vegetarian. Haha!


I always get confused because in Spanish, "a" is feminine and "e" is masculine. Meanwhile, I always associates "a" femininely and "o" masculinely.


Ofcourse swedish is a little bit wired


Wired for sound, weird for confound, and confounded is what you were in saying swedish is a little bit wired! 'Weird' means 'strange'.


Correction: whereas the 'a' ending in Spanish is nearly always feminine, with the main exception being a few words derived from Greek, 'o' is the masculine ending, again with just a handful of exceptions, eg 'la mano' = 'hand'. The 'e' ending can be for either masculine or feminine nouns and adjectives.


I was thinking the same thing. And yet I can't explain why that is other than that's how it's always been in my native tongue and even the 2nd language I learned.


I'm Indonesian learning Svenska, wish me luck.


I sound like I'm trying to speak Swiitzerdütsch


It is the language spoken in Switzerland, along with French, Italian and Romansh. It is similar to German but different enough for people to say it is not understandable to a German speaking person. I do not speak either language so I can't say... I just know it is even more guttural than German...


Doesnt it sound like hon eter et tep le


Yeah is ä and e pronounced the same?


I'm just going to replace han and hon with hen.


I can see why that would be tempting, just consider two things before you actually start doing that.

  1. Despite the ongoing campain trying to introduce "Hen" as a gender neutral word in swedish it has not been nationally accepted yet. Hen is actually a swedish word, and have been for quite some time, the only thing is that it does not mean "a person [not gender specified]" it is a not so commonly used word for a special kind of grinding stone.

  2. Even if "hen" had been accepted as a gender neutral word for a person you would still get an error if the sentence you where trying to communicate was "He is eating an apple" and wrote/said "Hen äter ett äpple" because that would mean "The/a person [not gender specified] is eating an apple".


Easy to remember them: think 'han', think 'Hansel', the boy in the fairy tale; likewise think 'hon', think 'honey', a term of endearment for a woman, well, nearly always so.


Intereating language.I am from Croatia.I have learned english,italian,german,french but this is challege...thank u for this app.it is great.


To any native Swedish speakers- how is the pronunciation of this woman? (Great, good, decent, etc)


How do you tell the difference between 'eats' and 'is eating' in Swedish?


Why is it sometimes "one" and not "the"?


I already took this course but as a refresher I did it again :)


It's hard to say this phrase


Who here speaks sweedish


Is ä and e pronounced the same?


Sometimes, yes. Let’s take ”Han äter ett äpple” as an example. With ”Ett” and ”äpple” E and Ä are pronounced the same way. With ”Äter” the E is pronounced more like a U as in ”Buss”, but the Ä is still pronounced as an E.

So it depends on the words, just like in English.


How do you get the accent in spelling right?


Understood. The standard English/International onscreen keyboards on Smartphones sometimes lack the "špéçïåł" Go I don't know about iOS or Windows phones, but here's how to set it up on an Android phone (or an Android tablet, or a Chromebook device). 1) Update to the most recent version of Android your device can handle. 2) Add additional device languages to include all the languages you are planning to study this month and DO NOT SAVE/EXIT until you go back and select your own language as the device default language, THEN save/exit. 2) Go to Settings -> Language/Input -> Keyboard -> Input Language -> Add Language -> Add More. Now select all the languages you want to write in. Add. Save. 3) Return to Keyboard settings. Select "use International language button [a small globe icon like this ● or ○, but with a couple of longitude lines and an equator added] to select keyboard language." 5) Save/Exit. Your Android device is now ready to type special (accented) characters, or characters from a totally different алфавіту / الأبجدية [Ukrainian / Arabic words in cyrillic / arabic script for 'alphabet'] !


How do i get my phone to pronounce the swedish accent instead of english?


Text to speech? Not sure I understand this question. I answered your other one though.


Too little minutes to talk so u dont get time to say it quickly.


He eats... a boy. Sorry, an apple.


My eyes are not so good, so I answered "He is eating am apple." See the problem?

This word-bank question (Duolingo calls these "challenges," not questions) does not allow for an obvious 1-letter typo, English "am" instead of the correct English "an."

Reported as follows: PLEASE allow 1-letter typos for any user response that is in the learner's own language!

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