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  5. "They like us."

"They like us."

Translation:De tycker om oss.

November 19, 2014



For the advanced Swedish speakers out there, is there an appropriate time to use either "tycker om" or "gillar" or are both exactly synonymous? Thanks! :)


They mean the same, although "tycker om" is slightly more formal. For example, I'd always use "gillar", but there is no right or wrong. Just keep in mind that "tycker om" could also translate to what you think of something.

Vad tycker du om honom? = What do you think of him? - As in "What is your opinion on him", not to be confused with the actual act of thinking.


On facebook our like button is 'gilla' but it could've been called 'tycker om' as well. 'Gilla' is more colloquial, as Jungla3 said!


The American high school I teach at had Swedish exchange students both last year and the year before. I always heard them use "gilla."


That is indeed more commonly used~


I prefer mostly writing "tycka om", but in speech I use both. The reason you hear "gilla" more often is, because it is a slightly stronger form of liking and people usually talk about things they like or don't like. Tycka om is the lesser form of liking, so people are less likely to talk about things they only "tycker om" and more likely to talk about things they "gillar". An example of the difference could be a person who likes dogs, but likes cats even more. So when he talks about dogs he could say "Jag tycker om hundar" as if for cats "Jag gillar katter"


That's not really true. If anything, like Jungla3 says, gilla is a tad more colloquial, but there's no inherent difference in intensity between them.


Then you are going to run in to problems in Finland because in Finnish-Swedish there is a difference. Fun fact, did you know that Finland is the only country in the world where the Swedish language has a legally secured position.


I'm not very knowledgable about Finland Swedish, though I wish I was. To be clear: this course only aims to teach Sweden Swedish. Hence, any information about Finland Swedish is very, very welcome in comments, but please mention when you write about it that you talk about Finland Swedish specifically, so learners know. Thanks! :)


i made a mistake because i thought it would be dem instead of de. but it was rated as "correct but typo" and the supposedly correct answer was "dom". now i am confused. i thought "dom" is just the way dem is pronounced, but not an actual word


That is unfortunately the system making an annoying error. The spelling dom is a colloquial but common and mostly acceptable spelling for both de and dem, since they're both pronounced like that. It should not be used outside of informal text, though, and is not actively taught. So the system should not show it to learners except for marking them correct when using it.


Why de instead of dem?


de is the subject in this sentence, so it's in the subject form de.
dem is the object form. So 'They like them' would be De tycker om dem.


Are there any plans to introduce "hen" into Duolingo (Swedish singular they)? If not in the taught section, at least as an accepted answer (in the same way that "ej" is often accepted but I don't think it's taught).


There were no such plans when I was a contributor. (I resigned mid 2019.) I imagine it should probably be taught fairly soon, given how it has avalanched over the past few years.


I have a hearing problem with the current teacher. Her voice seems accented, if i may say

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