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  5. "Jag älskar mina barn."

"Jag älskar mina barn."

Translation:I love my children.

November 19, 2014



Can you say 'I love my child' as well?


"mina" indicates the subject is plural

"min" or "mitt" would be singular, eg "Jag älskar mitt barn" would be "I love my child".

barn is one of the nouns that is spelled exactly the same in plural


Min katt, mina katter = my cat, my cats

Mitt barn, mina barn = my child, my children


I recognised that pattern a little while after I wrote that and realised why I was wrong. It makes sense, thank you!


mina katter? wouldn't it be mina katten. just wonder


It's en katt in the singular, the singular definite is katten. The plural is katter and katterna. With the possessive pronoun, the distinction between definite/indefinite disappears (it's always definite as soon as you say min, since then you obviously know what you're talking about) and you get in the singular min katt and in the plural mina katter.


Was wondering about the same. In Latvian adjectives after possessive pronouns are always in determinate form, so I automatically made few mistakes here putting the nouns in determinate form. Thank you very much for clarifying!


Totally got it. thank you


I knew that I could have writen 'I love my child' as well as 'I love my children'. Since "barn" is both plural and singular, how would I know what they were wanting with 'min' or mina'?


"Barn" is an ett word so "I love my child" would be "Jag älskar mitt barn". They left mitt out of the choice so that there'd be the one answer.


That makes so much sense, thank you!


I was asked to fill in the blank for "Jag älskar _ barn." I selected min which it said was incorrect, but I'm not sure how i could have gathered that it was plural or singular children from the context. I simply guessed because there was no way to tell.


There are only two options in that exercise, min or mina. Since barn is an ett word, you cannot use min here. The singular would be mitt barn.


i had the same question, tack su mycket!


Difference between min, mina, din, dina?


"Min" and "mina" mean "my." "Min" is used for singular en-words, while "mina" is used for plurals. The same goes for "din" and "dina" which both mean "your."


For once and for all, do you pronounce the final -g on "jag"? I tend to hear the g in the recordings when the word is said by itself, but not at all when it's in a sentence.


Yes, this is how it most often is


Would it have been okay to say Jag älskar sitt barn ?


Jag älskar mitt barn, Han älskar sitt barn, hon älskar sitt barn


So i know "detta är inte mitt smarta svärd" means "this is not my smart sword" in swedish, so does mitt and mina mean the same thing?


Thanks 4oYBlxtO. 329. Tack sår mycket

Thanks Ttack


Why not "I love my childs"?


Childs is an incorrect form. It must be children


When is it mine vs mina?


mine is not a word in Swedish.


It almost felt more natural to say min instead of mina, so uhh,, whats the difference between "Jag älskar mina barn. " and "Jag älskar min barn,"?


The latter is just wrong. barn is an ett word so that in singular, it's mitt barn 'my child'.


Mina is plural, min barn is singular, but you can't say min barn since barn is an 'ett' word, so for barn you can either use mitt or mina


How are you supposed to know if it is plural or not? The plural and singular are the same "barn" right?


The singular is mitt barn and the plural is mina barn. The multiple choice only lets you choose between 'min' (which never works with barn) and mina.


How are we meant to know to use kids? Instead of child?


Either children or kids works, it's just that the machine is bad at picking the most helpful corrections.
child doesn't work because it's singular but mina barn is plural 'my children'.


.... i said i love my kids and it marked be wrong.. seriously doulingo give some alternate answers


Why mina and not mitt ( for ett word)?


It is mina for plural


How on earth do you remember that...... So frustrating and the constant negative for something just slightly wrong is making pavlov one unhappy dog. Surely there is a way to tweek duo so rather than the constant negative slap on the wrist for a fine detail such as this there is a less negative and more constructive mechanism for learning the nuances.


Which detail??

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