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How Fast Do You Guys Go Through The Dutch Course?

Just curious if I'm going through it faster than usual, about the same as most, or slower. I've finished 18 lessons (50% of the entire tree) in 1 month 1 day and I'm super proud of myself.

I'm aiming to finish everything by the first of January 2015 then Skype with native speakers so I can improve it a ton.

How fast are y'all going through it? I'm eager to learn Swedish but I want to become at least proficient in Dutch first.

November 19, 2014



I started the Dutch course roughly two months ago, and am currently 18 skills away from completing the tree. I mostly aim at getting between 30 to 80XP every day and keeping all skills gold as I go.

I have to say that it does sound a bit silly to race through the course just for the sake of finishing the tree. In my case, even with this 18 skills to go, I went from a 1.39 score in the progress quiz (taken a couple of weeks into the course), to 4.08 on my last quiz, two weeks ago. To sum it up, I guess it is better to aim for quality than quantity. ;) Good luck!


It took me just under two months from the first day it released, with a break of a couple weeks and a mad dash to the finish. ;)


Omg ok so if I try like hella hard I could probably finish way before my goal (January 1 2015)?

Did you retain the information you learned since you did it so fast, or did you finish everything then review for a while?

Also I see you're learning Swedish -- is it easy? Do you know if there are lots of adjective endings like in German?


Did you mean 28 skills? There are 64 total skills.


Sorry sorry, I don't know where I got 18 from lol. I have 31 left now, and I've completed 33.


Don't forget that language learning is not a race. Your brain can only keep up with the new vocabulary and grammar so well. So if you do decide to finish the whole tree by the end of the year, don't forget to review extensively or risk forgetting a lot of the language!

Best of luck to you learning Dutch and as always, let us know if you need help!


Yes, I definitely will review. Don't wanna forget it! Hopefully I could review off-site too by reading/writing or speaking with natives.


It took two and a half months of part-time study, as I try to spend at least an hour a day on my Portuguese studies.

The Dutch course was by far the most enjoyable (and entertaining) of the three trees I have completed. Many of the sentences are hilarious. eg. The old man told me all about his relationship with a tulip.


Dang it, I was hoping all the courses were like that! I guess the Dutch contributors just happened to be extremely humorous people.

My favorites so far are "My spoon is too big" and "I ride my bike like a boss" lol.


I'm learning Dutch very slowly. The same with Italian. Why should I go faster? As Kai_E said, language learning is not a race. It is comparable with learning an instrument. You cannot force your brain to learn playing violin in three months. The same with languages. It is a journey where you should stop from time to time and think of all sceneries you have seen. Give your brain a rest. I also compare learning a new language with making the acquaintance of a new friend. At the beginning it is very exciting and everything is new. After a while you perceive your new friend more common and their stories become known or even boring. But nevertheless, you keep on caring for the relationship. Otherwise it will break up. The same with your new language. Try to keep learning it for the next 10 years or for the rest of your life.

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