"En kniv"

Translation:A knife

November 19, 2014

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Sometimes I get the "Type what you hear" before ever being introduced to the word. I learned and heard fork and spoon, and then got this as a hearing question. I understand there are ways to prevent that, by studying the words beforehand, but for the app users like me it's a bit different. Wish there was more structure to some of the methods.


...........kind of sinister?

En kinv was in jimmys hand....


En kniv var i jimmys hånd


No it's hand in swedish too


How to pronounce the 'v'?


This word was listed in the lesson overview as "knivarna", but it's used here (and elsewhere) as "kniv". What's the difference? (I'm assuming it's the same as gafflar/gaffel and skeden/sked?)

EDIT: The skeden/sked reminded me of the notes... so does knivarna mean 'the knife' and en kniv is 'a knife', and gafflar is 'the fork' and en gaffel is 'a fork'?


knivarna means the knives, it is plural bestempt form. There are basically 4 forms of most nouns, singular/plural and generic/specific en kniv - a knife knivar - knives kniven - the knife knivarna - the knives


Tack så mycket! I'll add a couple more columns to my notes:-) (I was going to skip including the specific form, as it was seeming pretty straightforward... but given it's part of a 'set', I think I should probably include it for completeness sake:-)


Andrew, what you call 'generic/specific' is recognized in English grammar as indefinite/definite.


Am i the only one who thinks about the vine when they see this? Because i do. Every time.


Han har en kniv!


a Knife is food now?


For most food you need hardware like a knife, fork or spoon. And what about a plate or glass?

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