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  5. "Ik neem twee kopjes koffie."

"Ik neem twee kopjes koffie."

Translation:I am taking two cups of coffee.

November 19, 2014



Okay so is this just to make Dutch people sound cute or does this mean "little cup" so like "Ik drink een kop thee" would be drinking a regular sized average cup of tea, but then "Ik drink een kopjes thee" would be like drinking from a tiny quaint hecka kawaii teacup of cuteness and tininess?


'Kopje' isn't necessarily a super small cup. Both 'een kop' and 'een kopje' refer to a regular sized cup. You wouldn't use 'kopje' when it's a really big cup though. If you wanted to emphasize that it's really a small cup, you could say 'een klein kopje koffie'.

Ps: it's 'ik drink een kopje thee', because thee is not a plural noun.


Can Dutch do like English, which is more likely to render this "I'm taking two coffees." and use 'koffies' for 'kopjes koffie?'

[deactivated user]

    Why not : I take two cups of coffee?

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