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  5. "Does he or she answer?"

"Does he or she answer?"

Translation:Svarar han eller hon?

November 19, 2014



Why is Svarar before Han eller hon?


Whenever there's a question the subject and verb switches place.

Han sover = He sleeps

Sover han? = Does he sleep?

Hon springer = She runs

När springer hon? = When does she run?


I have never seen this word "hen" before. What does it mean?


Svarar hen should be allowed.


No, it can't be allowed since "hen" would only refer to one person. In this case we have two persons (who clearly define themselves as male and female) and we want to know which one of them answers.

Svarar hen? Would only be a question about whether that particular person who either is of unknown gender or defines "hen"self as a third gender, i.e. neither male nor female, is answering.


"svarar hen": I typed 'svarar han' knowing it was the wrong answer as I'd forgotten 'eller' - i apparently got it right with a typo - "svarar hen" but I can't find what 'hen' means. Does anyone know?


If you know German then it's ezmode:

Antwortet er oder sie? Svarar han eller hon?

I love how similar thr language is, not only in words but often in sentence structure as well.


Why "annars" doesn't fit?


Does he or else she answer?

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