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Problem with suggested real-world text at the end of a lesson

Hi everyone,

I am a big fan of this new feature which suggests an article at the end of a lesson and give you an estimated level of comprehension (mine is 95.6% which is very nice). The problem I have found, however, is that every article is completely translated and so I don't have a chance to do any sentences from scratch.

I found this problem previously on the Immersion tab and that is why I don't tend to go on it very often. Is there any way for the articles suggested have at least one sentence for the user to input from scratch. I know it is a good mechanism, with the inclusions of word strengthening, for getting users to review and develop the translations but it isn't the most beneficial to me.

As always you at Duolingo are doing a fantastic job and I can say with confidence that my level of enjoyment and comprehension of languages would not be in the same league without your website, app and the community that you have created.

July 3, 2013



It's a common problem. I, for example, don't use the "Immersion" tab at all. Every single article is already translated, and all there is to do is to rate other's translation. This, in my opinion doesn't help your learning at all. Sometimes i have the chance to edit some small mistakes, but really? It's not worthed. But, the thing i don't like the most, is the list of word i'm going to improve by translating something already translated. How could i make a dozen of words stronger, by simply rating someone else's translation? It makes no sense to me. I hope they will improve the system :)


Yes I agree, the immersion tab should be improved. Maybe they could give each person the option to translate the articles themselves and offer the translation for criticism/advice afterwards. I, however, think it's way more important for audio (in the form of radio or tv) to be added to immersion.


I had the same problem, but then I tried clicking on the "new" tab in the Immersion section. Most of the new articles have not been translated yet, and at least for Spanish, it seems as if new articles are being added all the time.

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