"The architect is sitting by the desk."

Translation:Arkitekten sitter vid skrivbordet.

November 19, 2014

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I really think "bordet" should be accepted here as its not specified what kind of desk we are talking about and skrivbord is just a specific type of bord. Very unintuitive to demand the former.


'Bredvid skrivbordet'?


Question about compound words: When trying to decide if the new compound word is an en or an ett noun, do you consider the first word or the second? I don't have enough vocabulary to think of a word where there would be a discrepancy but I imagine there must be a few??


I'm not a native speaker, but judging from experience of other languages, it is normally the last word that decides the grammatical gender.


Would and architect not sit at a "ritbordet"? 20211024

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