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Jag äter fisk = "I eat fish" or "I am eating fish"

What is the exact translation when using verbs because different translations are accepted in the lessons but the nuances between these is slightly different?

Example: Jag äter fisk


I am eating fish I eat fish

are accepted in the exercise, but the first means that I am eating fish right in this moment whereas the second could also mean that, but it could also mean that generally, I am a person that eats fish. Don't quote me, but I think because of the slight difference, when we use "I eat fish" we often use it to refer to the fact that, generally we are people that eat fish. So in Swedish, is one of the translations more accurate or is it really exactly the same thing? Thanks in advance, and great job by the way, I've been waiting for this for so long!

November 19, 2014



Both are correct. You simply cannot tell if the person means right now or in general. Even for us swedes it is tricky sometimes, like when someone asks "vad gör du?" you might need to clarify, "do you mean right now or what do I do for a living? ;)


It might be ambiguous sometimes but inventing an extra grammatical form ("... progressive") just to clarify this seems a bit excessive to me...


Tack så mycket! It's these little differences that make me love and appreciate languages :)

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