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Learning a language is fun.

I asked myself, is it possible for me to learn the danish language??? Danish is such a difficult language. It is indeed super difficult to live in a country where no one will talk to you, it means that you have to talk to them in their own language. I feel really lonely for my 7 mos of stay here in Denmark, but when I started going to an intensive danish course for 4 weeks only, then my interest of learning the languge increases as I learn lots of words everyday and somehow construct my own sentences in danish. Funny because you don't know exactly of you're doing right. Pronunciation isn't that easy. Yet learning is indeed a fun.

November 19, 2014



thanks dude... but I think I'm on my way now...I will not go back...I have to strive hard to learn this language.... tusind mange tak til dig Dementu... Du må have en god aften...


All the germanic languages are very difficult, at least for me because I speak a latin language. Dude, try to stay motivated and find some people who are willing to help you learn faster.


en and og en løve :)

I like this language, but pronunciation is very difficult. Danish language is a big challenge. :)

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