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  5. "The man wears golden shoes."

"The man wears golden shoes."

Translation:Mannen har gyllene skor.

November 19, 2014



It never taught us guldfärgade.....


And I still don't know what the eff guldfärgade is...


Should this not be "Har pa sig"?

Can the sentence also be translated to "The man has golden shoes."?


"Har på sig" is also correct, but colliqually we usually say that you have a clothing item. "Han har röd tröja, blå byxor och bruna skor" = "He's wearing a red sweater, blue trousers and brown shoes."

I believe this is an abbreviation of "har på sig". You could also say "Han har gyllene skor på sig" (splitting the verb "ha på sig").


In the lessons so far we have been taught that "har" is "has", and "har pa sig" is "is wearing", while the answer to this question is the exact opposite.


Yeah, it's strange. It should accept both answers I think. But it is true that colliqually, you're much more likely to hear "han har gyllene skor" or at least "han har gyllene skor på sig" than "han har på sig gyllene skor".


It's like how we say in English that someone has something on. That's how I remember it for both Swedish and Danish. In Swedish, though, it's reflexive. In this case, if we use "har på sig" I think it would be like "He has golden shoes on himself."


I put

Mannen har på sig gyllene skor, and it was correct.

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