"Han kommer att tappa paraplyet."

Translation:He is going to drop the umbrella.

November 19, 2014

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I literally could not spell umbrella so save my life before these lessons. I think it's kind of funny that learning Swedish has helped my English spelling. XD

I can spell Restaurant, Umbrella, Daughter, and Neighbourhood without making any mistakes!

And just in case you were wondering, I learned beautiful from Jim Carrey.


I read elsewhere that "tappa" literally means "drop", but is also used to mean "lose" when it's an item (like an umbrella). From looking at dictionaries I also see "förlora": would you use that word for abstract nouns, maybe, or things that are impossible to drop? Like, "De kommer att förlora huset" (if they don't pay the mortgage), or "Han kommer att förlora sin jobb"?


Exactly. "Förlora" is also to lose in sports.


Responding to the meanings and the ambiguous use of 'tappa', what would the Swedish be for 'He loses his temper' ?


han tappar sin humör


One female voice says "para-PLU-et."


Is the seeming lack of a well articulated word boundary between 'att' and 'tappa' in the TTS normal Swedish pronunciation, or is this just some quirk of the TTS?


Even when the following word doesn't start with a "t", "att" often just turns into an "å". (There are some situations where that doesn't happen but I can't remember what that rule was atm).

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