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  5. "È il mio gatto."

"È il mio gatto."

Translation:It is my cat.

July 3, 2013



I wrote "he is my cat" and was marked incorrect. That's right, isn't it?


I agree, I read this as "He is my cat."

Is there something about this sentence that delineates the pronoun as 'it' and not 'he'?


that's why I thought! because in italian you dont have to put the personal pronoun, from my understanding, it could translate as 'he is my cat' or 'it is my cat'! the correct answer given for me is 'that is my cat'. Can anyone shed some light on this?


If I saw a strange cat in my neighbour's garden, I might say, "Is it your cat?" He might say, "He is my cat" or "She is my cat." He might say, "It is not my cat." He would not say, "It is my cat."


He might say it, just like we might say "It's Tom." talking about a friend.


If i found the cat id say is this cat yours? He might say The cat is mine


on further reflection i think Duolingo doesn't just agree with the personification of animals!


The sentence doesnt have any masculine or femminine pronouns referring to the cat, therefore it is "it" or "that" and not "he" or "she"


but isn't gatto a male cat and gatte a female one--and wouldn't the owner know the gender of their cat?


Female cat is 'la gatta', hence the 'gattara' of Rome (female cat-lovers who feed the strays).


The word for cat is masculine and the gender is rarely specified. If they wanted to specify a "tomcat", they could put "il gatto maschio". https://dictionary.reverso.net/english-italian/tomcat


I think Duolingo does not say properly ir the animal is boy or girl


I thought the same thing. How else would you say that the male cat is my cat?


I'm here for the same reason especially as the translation says he/she/it. I would never call my cat 'it'.

[deactivated user]

    I do not understand the use of the word "il" in the sentence..


    Possessive adjectives (my shoe, your hat, his dog) generally require the definite article in Italian.

    There is an exception you'll run into in the next few skills: 1 family member = no definite article...more than 1 family member = use the definite article.


    Ok, cool. Thank you! Silly rule, not a silly rule. Doesn't matter. It's the rule. I can live with that. Consistency makes it easier, but I'll take what I can get. mille Grazie


    I would actualy use this sentence a lot - have cats + they always are getting in trouble w/ neighbors. lol


    All cats without owners are my cats


    Of course "he is my cat" is right. Cats are male and female, even neutered ones. A cat is not an "it".


    How would Duo the green owl like to be referred to as "it"?


    I don't understand the use of mio here? Whats the difference between mie/miei/mio


    I don't know why this isn't explained anywhere. This is helpful- http://www.italianlanguageguide.com/grammar/possessive-adjective.asp


    duolingo must believe all pets are genderless lower life forms...he or she should also be perfectly acceptable


    Gatto and gatti are the male forms for cat, Gatta and gatte are the female forms. It makes sense that if the word can be spoken in both genders that the translation for the male form would be He or It. Is there a teacher in the house?


    Why can't we say "he" is my cat? The endings show a male cat, E is the 3rd person singular. Are animals just "it" or "things" in Italy?


    yeah i also wrote "he is my cat" this is weird

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