Translation:The moose

November 19, 2014



is it supposed to be read as "alien"?


That is pretty close. More like "elyen".


Do you really use the same word for moose and elk? Oh, someone mentioned on another discussion that what Americans call moose, British call elk and what we call elk is "wapiti"?


No, the Swedish word for Elk is "vapiti" similar to the British English word for elk: wapiti. The Swedish word "älg"/"älgen" only refers to Moose.


Wapiti is not a British English word, it is a Native American word for the American elk...most online dictionaries specify the Shawnee tribe. I live in Cody, Wyoming, next door to Yellowstone. The town next to Cody is named Wapiti. \

Added: That is interesting/a bit strange, hcarleton. Thank you for that clarification. But perhaps not so strange....Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Shows (featuring Native Americans) were quite popular in England, perhaps the word spread to the UK that way. The hotel in Cody he had constructed and named after his daughter (The Irma) features the beautiful back bar that Queen Victoria gave to him in appreciation for his tours.


Fair enough, the point is that in the UK what Americans call elk are called wapiti.


No! "Älg" and B. E. "elk" refer to the same animal in Europe. The American "moose" is the same species, slightly different genetically. If it is correct that A. E. "elk" is the same species as "wapiti", then that would be translated as "vitsvanshjort" (literally "white-tailed deer"), which is a different species.


We have one word yes. There seems to be some confusion between North American English and British English but here's a quick explanation: http://naturetravels.wordpress.com/2007/10/29/what%E2%80%99s-the-difference-between-a-moose-and-an-elk/


That was a fascinating read all around; not just for the Älg but the wolf bit at the end.


Is "g" always pronounced "i"?



G is pronounced [g] when the following vocal is either A, O, U, or Å.

If it is E, I, Y, Ä, or Ö it is pronounced [j].


So Göteborg is pronounced yoh-teh-bohrg?


It's always hard to transcribe without using a phonetic alphabet since English doesn't have a letter for the Ö-sound for example.

But that's pretty close, except the G in the end becomes a Y-sound.

Here you can listen to the pronunciation: http://forvo.com/word/g%C3%B6teborg/#sv


So is the g pronounced irregularly?


O_o mooses are aliens. Now I get it.


Now it's easy to remember. Hundreds of Elyen Moose attacks the dinner table to eat my beautiful green salad :)


It does sound like alien alot


The European elk is basically the same animal as the American moose (arguably the same species). The American elk (or wapiti) is basically the same animal as the European red deer (although not the same species). Then there is the American white-tailed deer. I have listed these in order of decreasing size. (There are also hundreds of other species of deer.)


Are the European red deer really that huge? O.o I know that when I lived in the mountains, there were 'watch for elk' signs on the highways, because in a car vs. American elk collision, if anything walks away, it's likely the elk. They are absolutely massive.


That would have been a /very/ different film. O.o


It's a been a butt of Swedish jokes since the movie was first released. :D


Is the moose meat called "älgkött" then?


An interesting comparison, the French word is " élan" and is pronounced simliarly "a-lon" :)


Can someone explain me the basics of swedish grammar and pronunication?


That's what this course does. If you have any chance at all, try to access it from a computer and read the lesson notes before each lesson. They contain basic explanations.

PS strictly speaking you don't need a computer: you can see them if you access the site from a browser on your phone or tablet, rather than using the app.


Does anyone know any good websites to help me firgure out Swedish grammar? More specifically, how to something like 'the mice' or 'the birds'.


The notes for each lesson provides all the basic grammar you need for the Duolingo course.


Hi, may I ask you if you know how to see the basic grammar in the notes for each lesson on the mobile phone? I can read them only if I am on my computer, but not on my smartphone..


Unfortunately, there is no way to read the notes for each lesson in the mobile apps.


How do i know when to use -et or -en . And also when to use ett and en.


It has to be learned with the word. Many living things are "en" words, but not all. On the website of the first lessons you will find a much more detailed explanation.


what is the Swedish word for 'moose crossing sign'. as a German, I would like to tell swedes what I'd do if were to go to Sweden >:-)


I guess you would just say Varning för älgskylt or Älgvarningsskylt.

Here is the official name for the road sign: https://www.transportstyrelsen.se/sv/vagtrafik/Vagmarken/Varningsmarken/Varning-for-djur/


I just wrote aljen and it accepted it. Can someone explain?

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