"De äter frukt."

Translation:They are eating fruit.

November 19, 2014

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I hear "don" for "de". Is the audio correct?

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The audio is correct, but it actually says "Dom", not "don"


I was told by a swedish friends that theres 3 ways to use this word. De, dem, and Dom and he said that the De spelling is never pronounced like Dom. It should be pronounced as deh.


I'm a native Swede and I would write this as "Dom äter frukt". I believe most Swedes "cheat" and use "dom" instead of "de" or "dem" since the grammatical rules for "de" and "dem" can be a bit confusing and both are pronounced as "dom".


I wouldn't say most Swedes use "dom" instead of de or dem, but some do. Anyways it's a good easy way out if you're unsure of whether it's de or dem.


You can say 'fruit' in English as a plural - For example 'a bowl of fruit' makes far more sense than 'a bowl of fruits'

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    a bowl of fruits would only be used if there were multiple different types of fruit.


    De is they as subject and Dem is they as object I think. Dom can be either. All three are pronounced the same


    Expect that Swedish speaking Finns pronounce de as di.

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      Probably because they all have roots in ancient Norse in Scandinavia. In Finnish, it is probably the same word but pronounced "di".


      So in English, "fruit" in plural form is no different than singular form, at least under most circumstances. So what is the plural form of "frukt"? Or is it also not different?


      If you see it collectively, you say frukt, if you see a number of individual fruits, you say frukter


      In the fast version of the sentence it really sounds like hon

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        it is pronounced "dom" so it can sound different


        I've written this as Dom and the app says I'm wrong, I've got it right like this before too. My Swedish wife says the app is wrong.


        Dom should work it is more used in Swedish de is less used


        Dom is used only in spoken language.

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